Dancing fountains company in pakistan


Our wide range of items involves – LED Lighting Systems, Programmable Fiber Optics, Fountain Lights, Effects of Lighting and Programmable Fountains. We are likewise an overwhelming Musical fountain in Advance Level Creative and innovated Musical Fountains.

we provide music to the water waves and based on the beat of the music and are perhaps the most requested shows throughout the planet. This sort of water diversion advancements depends on the latest innovation incorporated into the Control Panel, leading the entire water show. These control boards are planned by Fountain explicitly for the requirements of your moving wellspring and contain gadgets to make water move to the beat of the music.

Fountain Installation Service

Our team is well equipped and experienced to undertake the planning and designing of such fountain as per the requirement of the client. We do take under consideration the physical status of the site, Dust particles suspension in air, water quality, power requirement etc. We mostly undertake R&D works very seriously in taking uses of power consumption in running of fountain. Our cost of installation is also very competitive and quality is premium. We are using best available modern technologies in making fountain projects.

We have in house team for most of the automation projects related to water features. We are using Hardware of globally renowned brands for automation of various water features such as Dancing fountain, Musical Fountain, Pond Cleaning Equipment etc. We use latest technology for our projects with keeping an eye on less power consumption and easy to maintain.

Our water feature projects are very easy to run and maintain. We provide complete training and assistance in day to day care and running of the water features. We have dedicated team to take the project in emergency, and are reachable at any site within 24 hours of raising the issue.

We recommend going and seeing them first-hand, as it’s a unique experience you have see in person to fully appreciate. However, we’ve included some photos and videos of some of the projects we’ve executed.

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