This time, it’s our turn

We create very exciting moment with our passion and technology
Sometimes we forget the significance of water. That taught us about how we exist.
Reminds us of the marvels we created. And the impacts that we have made.
Water surrounds all around us. Shaping the world we live. It’s not just an element that we relied on.
It’s the spirit of perfection and beauty. That has always inspired the extraordinary.
This time, it’s our turn to make this world beautiful.

Services & Solutions


Providing personalized design base on clients' ideas and requests. Effect pictures and animations can be provided if requested (additional charges may apply)

Material supply

All Fountain products can be customized accorading to customer requirements. If however, you are looking for a unique water effect, nozzle, pump, luminaire o...


The exceptional quality of stainless steel in combination with precision engineering, specialized CNC machines, Laser cutters and some of the world’s most skill...


Even though our products are remarkably easy to install, if installation is asked by the client, our experienced installation & commission teams prepare their l...

Maintenance & Repair

We provide professional maintenance service, and if your fountain system is not well functional, no mater it’s a mechanical problem or a software problem, we ca...

After sales

After purchasing the product from T.Y. Fountain, we provide 24 hours on-line technical support. Our after sales support is renowned for our quick response to an...

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