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EPDM sheets are a synthetic elastomer, it stands for ethylene propylene diene monomer and that is a fairly long chemical term. Essentially, the scientific innovations have generated methods of mixing specific atoms or monomers together in multiple proportions, this procedure is known as polymerization.

The associations of the atoms are done to fulfill the purpose of acquiring a particular end outcome or to have a material that has a certain set of standards of resistance. In this scenario, the propylene, ethylene, and diene are all mixed together to generate the end product that is the EPDM rubber.

The brightly-coloured synthetic rubber flooring provides high elasticity and resilience for greater cushion and safety. We also apply various types of rubber surfaces to cater to other facilities such as game courts and running tracks.

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Characteristics of EPDM




Wide colour selection




Highly weather resistant


High force reduction


Excellent comfort and safety






Made from Recycled Materials

The benefits of EPDM flooring are:

  1. Resistance to ozone, UV exposure, weathering, and to many other chemicals that makes it great and fit for outdoor applications.
  2. Very low electrical conductivity.
  3. Resistance to water and steam.
  4. Used in the generation of extruded rubber or the molded rubber products.
  5. Properties permit it to be widely used and be extremely versatile.

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EPDM flooring has been intended to fight the temptation of being harmed in applications when presented to specific components like bright beams and outside. For example, envision that you had a yard light installation that requires a gasket against the divider or on the other hand in the event that you had a jungle gym that requires an elastic surface, the EPDM deck will end up being the best kind of elastic for both in the conditions of its application and obstruction.

Is it true that you were mindful of the way that the seals that encompass your vehicle’s windows are made from EPDM? Indeed, it is on the grounds that the materials that can tolerate upping to the outer components are totally fundamental for the application which the EPDM deck will give to your space.

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EPDM is a very solid engineered elastic material layer (ethylene propylene diene monomer) broadly utilized as Safety Flooring at jungle gyms to give basic fall stature security to youngsters on jungle gyms.

EPDM is poured set up on location, giving a consistent surface. This poured set up elastic jungle gym surface gives shock engrossing surfaces that can assist with scattering the energy of a falling body or head, accordingly diminishing the endanger of dangerous wounds.

EPDM flooring is pervasive to such an extent that Horticlub is focused on serving customers from schools, colleges, lodgings, clubs and other sporting areas. All our EPDM elastic frameworks can be utilized in high temperatures and, surprisingly, best reconsidered for cold or muggy uncovered temperatures. Everything competitors can without much of a stretch distinguish every one of the tough attributes of utilizing EPDM flooring in outside sports.

All floor materials are accessible in multicolor choices, offering an astonishing allure and security simultaneously. EPDM flooring is incredibly clear to introduce and, surprisingly, easier to keep up with. The EPDM flooring is consistently utilized for running, volleyball court, and running tracks. This multitude of floor materials are accessible with guarantee and are sharp for open air and indoor use it is likewise climate impervious to recognize that it.

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A wide scope of EPDM Rubber Flooring, Rubber tiles and rolls, in a broad assortment of shadings and for any utilization, for example, security floor, style floors, air terminal ground surface, medical care flooring, exercise center deck, sports flooring and for all reasons. We give you the main quality elastic deck for your necessities.

Our items are guaranteed for the best quality, and for that reason we have a lot of high profile clients for EPDM flooring in Dubai. The establishment of elastic ground surface are financially savvy, and the material’s solidness and strength guarantee that it goes on for quite a while. Cleaning elastic deck for the most part requires just a moist mop (won’t ever wet). Some cleaning items can hurt the surface, so counsel us prior to laying your hands.

EPDM ground surface can likewise be utilized in exercise centers and weight training exercise centers. With the cure of its mileage opposition and delicateness, it makes it outright for any falls or weight drops. In any event, executing sound protection and long haul strength.

EPDM flooring likewise gives the ideal UV opposition in the event that outside and gives more grounded foothold to better competitor execution. EPDM flooring for sports guarantees flexibility and shock sealing. epdm flooring track is very practical and is a decent thought for spending plan limit activities for sports areas.

EPDM flooring is likewise respected ecologically protected and gives adaptability and versatility during establishment. It can likewise be fitted and custom to go about as the floor covering for any games movement, that might require similar qualities.

All epdm flooring track is open at the most set market esteemed evaluating and conveys better accomplishment in examination than different grades. With generally elastic floor materials assessed for quality mileage by our expert group of designers, who have committed their time and endeavors to convey a quality Sports confirmations. Along with drawing in International Standards and wellbeing standards, Horticlub is viewed as any clients premium choice for Safe and secure EPDM flooring sports tracks and courts.

For those hoping to paint their floors in striking tones, PlaySafe Premium offers an answer blend of natural and inorganic colors, that talks tones. The item offers an opportunity for engineers and creators to blend and coordinate the shade of the jungle gym with the primary topic.
In view of epdm flooring track innovation, this ground surface accompanies new and extremely durable tones that don’t disappear with one or the other time or use.

EPDM or Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer is a natural manufactured elastomer which has numerous properties identical to or better than those of normal virgin elastic, subsequent to relieving. During the development of the elastomer, a few added substances are utilized to improve colors and their dependability. This guarantees that the tones are solid, adaptable and can likewise stand the trial of climate and time.

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